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Fistral Haven ( Website )

Fistral Haven is a 3 Bedroom holiday property in North Cornwall which is only a few minutes walk to the world renowned Fistral Beach.

From the site you can view the property, see available dates and even book.

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We need your data including name and email address, so we are able to contact you in order to start your job request. We may then require more information to process a job further, so we are able to provide our service.

This data is only stored for invoice purposes.

Your data will not be shared to any third party.

You have the right to request your data to be deleted at any time. In the event that data is received, and a job is no longer needed your data will be deleted after 30 days of no contact.

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Come back later for more information regarding future projects by HEWES4, including plans for Video / App Development and Game Design.

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Featured Work

Featured Work


    HEWES4 offers support, solutions and designs for a wide array of IT services including Web Design, IT Support, Network Solutions and Illustrations. We are committed to introducing new and exciting ways your home or business can connect safety with people through the ever-growing expanse which is the internet. Be that having an awesome eye-catching website or making your own personal cloud storage based in your home for all those family videos. Hewes4 will do it right, with detailed planning and designs that are created for you along the way.

  • Free Surveys and Estimates

    Most of our services require a survey to be completed. A detailed survey is needed to gather the required information in order to give you the best possible service.

    All our surveys are free and are normally done on-site but can be done over the phone or via email. For services like web design, a couple of mock-up designs will be created using the survey information. The mock-up designs will be sent to you along with an estimate. There is no obligation to carry on, even with the mock-up designs, they are free. Some estimates may require a 50% deposit in order to continue.

  • Local Discount

    Hewes4 is based in Braintree, Essex and believes in helping local communities and businesses. That’s why all estimates and invoices will include a 5% local discount if you live or are based in the Braintree area.

    To qualify, an estimate or invoice must be addressed to the Braintree area which includes CM7 and CM77 postcodes.

  • Equal Service

    Whether you need IT assistance at home or at work, you can be sure Hewes4 has you covered. All services we offer are aimed for both home and business customers. The cost, quality and level of service are equal for both home and business customers. This is to keep consistency throughout our services.


    Your online presence gets more meaningful and important every year. Greater numbers of people are using internet services, we believe one day everyone will have a digital identity. The need for you or your business to be adaptable is higher than ever before. Therefore, all Hewes4 sites are designed to be responsive to different screen resolutions, including desktop, tablet and mobile.

    Hewes4 can build your perfect site which can range from a small one-page site to one with huge site-maps and features. We arrange everything from domains and hosting to getting your site indexed onto search engines.

  • No Templates

    Your site will be created from scratch with no templates. Templates can be quick and easy but take away from creativity, that’s why your website will be bespoke, just for you.

    From the get-go, your site will be designed from surveyed information and any creative direction you may have. We can incorporate things like logo aesthetics and branding guidelines.

  • Web Features

    Hewes4 can setup and manage domains and hosting using an official third-party provider. If you already have one or both, we can simply upload the site using existing details.

    Other web features can be implemented into your new site. These extra features include but not limited to Web Forms, Animations and e-commerce for an online shop.

  • View Daily Progress

    View the progress of the website creation using a secure link. Use this to keep up to date during construction and to give feedback or design changes.

  • Free Advertising

    Your new site will have the free option to be featured on the main page of the Hewes4 site. You will get a slot on the page that will show your business logo and a list of services. This can be created by us or yourself. The free advert can also be a direct link to your site.

    As well as being a good way of showing others the work our company if capable of, it also a good way of directing potential customers to your site.

  • Maintenance

    Lifetime maintenance on all new websites created by Hewes4 which includes bug fixes, search engine optimisation and browser compatibility updates.

    1 month of Premium Maintenance is included with every new website. Premium Maintenance Includes free content updates, monthly website report and a 15% discount on all other website features. This premium maintenance is available for a yearly cost after the free term.


    We offer IT Support in a wide array of fields from software to hardware support specialising in windows operating systems. With either remote or on-site assistance, your day to day business can get efficient and effective help.

    We can help with almost all your IT issues or offer advice to improve your existing setup. Be it a small problem or a complicated one, we endeavour to give you the best possible service.

    We offer a fast service on delivering you the information you need, normally within a week of the original enquiry. If the request is urgent, due to business down time for example, then you have the option to use our next day premium service. For more information about our next day service please contact us.

  • Free with other Services

    You receive free IT Support for 1 month when purchasing website and networking works. In order to be free, the IT Support must involve recent website or networking work.

    This is to help with any issues you may have adjusting to a new or upgraded system at home or at work. For example, you may have upgraded your network with us and later decide to purchase new devices from a third party, before coming across a difficulty connecting them to the new network. Hewes4 is devoted into giving you the best service possible.

  • Remote Support

    Hewes4 can provide IT Support remotely by accessing your system. Remote access is usually available within 5 days or next day if available at the time of booking.

    Setting up for remote access is easy, just click the link provided by us and download the required file, this sets up your PC for remote access. During the support you will be able to monitor what we do on your system. When the IT Support is finished, and we have logged off from remote access, the program you downloaded will automatically remove itself from your system.

  • On-Site Support

    On-site support is usually available within 5 days of booking. There will be a call out charge with additional hours charged at an hourly rate.

    As we aim to fix your IT needs in a timely manner there may be times that hardware is restricting progress or time is needed to research a problem. If this happens then a discount will be applied to the final invoice.

  • System Builds

    Get advice and guidance on system builds that suit your needs. We will provide the best solutions to your IT needs, showing you what is needed for different application you use.

    We can advise on household computer builds for graphics, gaming or casual use to give you the best value for performance. If you need multiple systems for business, we can provide advice on where to save money and design different builds that will increase productivity.

  • Free Documentation

    Free documentation will be presented during or after IT Support showing all information about the support. This may include instructions and troubleshooting.

    Premium documentation is available which includes graphic illustrations, all in a neat booklet style document. This is handy for personal reference or handing out to employees.


    We give advice, planning and installation on all things network in home and businesses. If your looking to upgrade your home network for a more reliable connection, be that wired or over WiFi, we can help. We survey your current setup and draw plans to meet your current and future requirements.

    Need help setting up a network assisted storage solution so you can access your photos and videos from your devices? Drop us an email, advice and surveys are free with no obligation to go further.

  • Network Architecture

    Your current network will be reviewed and upgraded to suit your current and future needs. The new architecture will include room for expansion.

    The architecture of the network will be designed using detailed visual representations, making it easy to understand and see the possibilities your network can achieve.

  • Safe & Secure

    Now days its all about internet security, if your network isn’t secure then you are at risk of someone taking advantage. We believe keeping your network secure is as important as keeping your property locked when your away.

    We make sure your network equipment is up to date and suggest ways to keep your passwords strong. With advice on things like not using a product default password for example. All network equipment and cables supplied for network installation are sourced from trusted providers.

  • Network Fitting

    Installation of networking equipment is available of all sizes of network. New networking will be installed with little interference to any existing networks if downtime is a problem.

    We understand being offline can be frustrating, that’s why we only switch over to the newly installed network after the infrastructure is complete, also with the option to do this out of hours.

  • Free Documents

    Free documentation will be presented after or during your network solution. This will show clear information and instructions on how your network works.

    Premium documentation is available which includes graphical illustrations and troubleshooting, all in a neat manual style document. This is handy for personal use or handing out to employees for reference.

  • Maintenance

    All networks installed by Hewes4 have 3 months of Free network maintenance. This is to give you piece of mind with your new setup. This includes product fixes, router and switch management and server maintenance.

    You also receive 1 month of Free IT Support for devices connected to the network having connection issues.


    Premium Documentation and Artwork can be provided in a variety of formats. All businesses need artwork and graphics to sell their ideas and products. We offer a fast service in delivering you the required illustrations on time at a good price.

    All our illustrations will be available to download in the formats you need. These will either be sent via email or downloaded from this site, using a unique password provided.

  • Premium Documents

    We provide a large range of premium documentation that can be supplied as a download or printed as a convenient and professional document.

    We can create visual manuals for our networking services or design business brochures and leaflets or even create a branding guideline document. Interactive PDF documents with navigation, links and visual page curling are nice way of promoting your services.

  • Artwork

    In need of a new logo or custom icons for your business? Hewes4 can provide all types of 2D artwork available to download.

    The following are examples of what we can create (but not limited to), Logo Design, Branding, Print and Signage Ready Graphics, Concept Art and Icons for computer use.